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 How to customize products on Zazzle tutorial

The great thing about Zazzle is that you can customize any product they offer: shirts, shoes, posters, buttons, magnets, stamps and more. You can create your own custom designs and clothing! This is especially useful if a special occasion is coming up such as a birthday, wedding, valentines day or a promotion. I'll be using shoes as an example in this tutorial since they have a few more options than other products, and may be a bit more complicated. You can follow along and customize these shoes while you're reading, or look at the pictures I've added instead.
At the beginning the following steps may seem a tad long, however after you customize one product you'll see how easy and quick it is!
The first thing you'll see when you enter the product page is this:

Notice that under the large image of the product, you can choose from which other angles to view the product. You can also choose shoe size from here (there's a drop down menu next to "Choose your size:". If this was a poster or shirt you could control the size of the product at the same area.
The easiest part of customizing the design yourself is changing preset options, such as lace color, eyelets, stitching, binding and so on. Let's play around with these options first of all. Simply click on one of the color boxes and you can choose your new color from a preset template.

I played around with the colors and this is the color scheme I got:

Now, if you're happy with the design you can click add to cart, however if you want to add your own images and / or text click the "Customize it!" button under the Add to Cart button. If you can't find the "Customize it!" button on a product have a look at this page: where is the customize it button?.

You'll be taken to the following screen:

From this page you can add your own images and text. I won't add any images to these shoe, but I'll take you through the steps. 
First of all, many products such as posters, shirts and cards have only 1 or 2 areas in which you can insert your own photos. Shoes however has 5 different areas you can customize: the inner quarter, outside quarter, upper section, tongue and heel. You have to select these areas before you can add text or images to them. 
You can do that either by selecting the view (under the large photo of the shoe), notice that below each view there's some text so that you know which part you're editing. You can also choose which section to design by clicking on the scroll down window above the "Add images..." button:

Once you've chosen an area, click the "Add images..." button. A pop-up screen will appear. To upload an image from your computer select the following: My Computer > Select images to upload, then browse your computer, choose an image and click OK. 
You'll now see your selected image on your shoes, however it may not be in the size or position you want it in. To reposition it simply drag it around. To change the size use the resize option (the magnifying glass). You have other options as well, such as automatically centering the image, rotating it and fitting it to area.
Now I want to add some text. Click on the "Add text" button, type in your text and press OK.
The text will appear as follows:

Notice that when you add an image or text you will be taken to the design view (where you don't see the whole shoe, and you can see the boundaries of your design area). 
Just like with images, to change the position of the text just drag it around. The options I use most for text are probably color, font and size. They're pretty self explanatory, changing text color will take you to a table like in the photo above. 
Changing font type will look like this:

Once you're done fiddling with the options get out of design view, and back to product view so you can see if you're happy with the outcome.

To see an even larger picture of your customized product click on "View pair" or on the magnifying glass symbol next to it (both found above the large photo of the shoe).

I just wanted to put a little something on it to make it special, so I left the text quite small, but your imagination is the limits as to what you do. I'm quite happy with the final outcome and Jackie's going to get a very unique gift for her birthday - something that no one else in the world has!
Perhaps the first time you customize a product it can be a tiny bit confusing, but after once or twice it gets to be really easy. Actually It can get a bit addicting messing around on Zazzle! Here's a birthday card idea I was playing around with (I used this card):


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